Priority Coaching Package



  • 6-hours worth of phone sessions divided up as you like
  • Weekly “check-ins”
  • Unlimited email and priority text support





Sessions that explore the nitty gritty of your relationship stories and histories. This is when you tell me anything and everything so I can see your breakup through your eyes and in relation to your relationship history. This gives me the perspective I need to help you connect the dots in your love life so you can understand why you’ve loved the way you’ve loved and what kind of person and relationship is most suitable for you next. We will discuss action steps for our weeks ahead. Examples may include books to read, fitness classes to take, solo experiences to initiate, and how to enter into the dating world again.

Divided up as you need, these sessions will work to alleviate your heartache, give you the perspective you need to accept, acknowledge, appreciate, and take accountability for your breakup. We’ll rebuild your sense of self so you are stronger and more self-aware in the wake of your breakup. Our talks with include but not be limited to relieving you from doubt, resentment, and pain. You will learn to redirect obsessive thinking and reframe the story you tell yourself about your breakup. Together we will create self-care, self-enhancement, and even dating goals. All in all, every call offers you endless support, professional perspective, and a heart-to-heart connection so you don’t just move on but rather breakupward.



Whether these are emergency or planned calls, you can use these to smooth over any details, ask for a quick fix of advice, or even just receive reassurance that what you are feeling is normal.


Because sometimes the most helpful support is the kind that can be returned to again and again. As an author and HuffPost advice columnist with a Masters in writing, words are my first love and you can feel that love in every piece of writing I send and share with my clients. This is a favorite feature of mine and I’m so happy I can offer it to my clients. Though you may be reaching out to me in pain and confusion, you can anticipate a loving, candid, brave email in response from me—an email that will lift your spirits, soothe your heart, and let your mind rest. As my client, I’m rooting for you, and in every email you will feel that. And thanks to the beauty and power of e-coaching, you will be able to return to this tangible form of coaching whenever you’re in need of compassion, understanding, and perspective.