40-Minute Priority Session


  • (1) 40-minute priority booking session
  • Within 24-hour turnaround call


  • Following your purchase, you will have instant access to my calendar to schedule our call within 24 hours
  • An ideal solution for someone looking for instant clarity and advice surrounding any relationship question
  • To get the most bang for your buck, consider sending me an email detailing what you are looking for advice with following your purchase and prior to our phone call
    • This conversation is not limited to breakups and will pull on all my life and relationship advice as a professional in the field and woman in this world

    • Due to the time limit, please keep in the mind that this is not a coaching session, but rather a session where you will be receiving my advice and candid perspective on whatever you are facing

    •           This is a golden opportunity to get speed of lightening insight from a HuffPo advice columnist
    •           If you’re wondering what something means, how you should handle a circumstance or approach a situation, what to say, what to do next, what this says about you or him or her or your relationship, or are in need of a fresh perspective fast, this is a powerful session to book